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Deadline Detroit

My placement for this summer is in Deadline Detroit, which is an independent, grass-roots news organization within the metro-Detroit area. The mission of this organization is to create a platform in which local community members reclaim their narrative. The organization aims to offer reliable and authentic Detroit-focused news. During my placement, my overarching project involves writing an investigative report on the Detroit Medical Center, and more specifically, Sinai-Grace Hospital. The DMC switched from a public, non-profit system to a for-profit institution in the early 2000’s. The population Sinai-Grace hospital serves is largely comprised of minorities and individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Unfortunately, more often than not, such individuals are neglected within the United States health care systems. Sinai-Grace and the Detroit Medical Center are prime examples of marginalized communities disproportionately falling victim to negligent care and predatory practices within the healthcare industry. By the end of the summer I hope to have an expose written on the hospital system of Detroit. Within the short-term day to day tasks, when I am not researching the DMC, I am asked to do various research tasks for other writers in the organization. As of recently, Deadline Detroit has been covering the Black Lives Matter protests of Detroit, and interviewing various activists and protestors, as well as law enforcement officials. My first week has been chaotic and still at the same time. Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with work, and at other moments, I can’t seem to have anything to do. It’s weird trying to strike a balance between such extremes, but I am hoping I will find my stride soon.

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  1. Mackenzie Hewitt

    This sounds like such a cool project and very unique compared to others I’ve heard about so far. Investigative journalism and independent local news organizations are so important in the world we live in. Good luck with your story!

  2. This is so interesting! It sounds like you have a great project this summer. Do you know why DMC became for-profit? I hope that DMC is taking some steps to address these health inequities. Hopefully, your expose will serve Deadline Detroit in exposing the predatory processes of DMC to a wider public to make demands for change.

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