Week 3= Understanding New Things – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 3= Understanding New Things

Yay to week three! Although I wasn’t able to interview my supervisors due to our hectic schedules, I can tell from our meetings their passion within their work. Specifically, regardless of what the city officials are/aren’t providing, my supervisors continue to push for youth programs that members can take part in regardless of COVID and precautionary matters that Detroit isn’t implementing. From our conservations, I know how much they care for not only the organization but for the residents as well. For instance, in a Detroit park board members meeting, we discussed how mental health in the community is a health determinant that needs to be discussed now more than ever, and with my organization’s help, they can aid in this by promoting and providing events and services for the community.
In regards to learning something new about Detroit, I believe there is always something new to learn about the city. Working with my partner, I have the privilege of learning about the non-profit side of Detroit and what it takes to create funding for these organizations. Aside from the pandemic, non-profits have to tackle multiple tasks and hurdles, but it’s inspiring to see them still be able to function and support the community.
believe COVID-19 has made non-profits work more difficult but for that reason, I believe that’s why organizations are needed now more than ever.. The extra funding needed, protocols, and regulations organizations have to go through in a short amount of time has added extra stressors. However, they are overcoming these stressors to support the community and provide a sense of normalcy to their lives. I’m grateful that my cohort and I have the opportunity to be apart of this change and quickly adapt to our organizations.


ps. the photo is kind of unrelated to my post but definitely relatable 🙂

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  1. Hey Grace,
    Even though your quote was unrelated it was my favorite part of your post! I love that you’re learning about mental health as a social determinant of health and I agree that now it’s research is needed more than ever because of COVID. COVID has taken so many tolls on the world and especially mentally being that we can’t see family or friends on a regular and are just stuck with our thoughts in our rooms 24/7. This time has personally made me find happiness in being alone which is a helpful tool for times like these. I look forward to hearing more about your project!

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