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Deadline Detroit provides has provided me a lens into the composition of Detroit. Deadline Detroit, being a local news agency who staffs individuals born and raised in Detroit, allows for an authentic portrayal of what Detroit was and is. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to diverse perspectives throughout the Black Lives Matter protests, as police officers and residents were both given a platform. The lived experiences of each individual was highlighted, creating room for healthy discourse. When I look at Detroit after beginning this internship, I realize how sensationalized the city had became. Often, from news organizations not unlike our own, Detroit has been portrayed as ticking time bomb, one economic recession or social movement away from collapse. Now, I understand Detroit as a home, as a bridge to families, as a medium for residents to simply be. I guess that sounds kinda dumb. But honestly, I realize now that Detroit is just a city, with residents who care as desperately and vigorously for their town as the next person. Detroit has given people, particularly minorities, permission to occupy space. Detroit culture is loving their city the way their city has loved them. And when I talk about the residents loving their city, and their city loving them, I don’t mean the politicians, the investors, the men with money who know only how to vacation and exploit. I mean the grass-roots organizers advocates, and locals. Detroit embodies resiliency, as I’m sure we all know and realize. But, more than that, Detroit is a purpose, a concept, a safe space, which people will continue to preserve and fight for.

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  1. Ruchita,
    I hear that perspective about Detroit being a ticking time bomb and I’ve noticed that the only people who say it are those who haven’t really experienced being there. The beauty of Detroit is seen totally different by the locals and I’m glad you’re able to experience this! Detroit is such an underrated city but it has a lot to offer despite the hardships we have gone through because Detroit is resilient just like you said. I hope you find more beauty and debunk some more myths throughout the rest of the summer!

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