Ruchita Coomar – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Ruchita Coomar

Week 8

One of the most memorable DCERP meetings for me was the one in which a professor from the school of Public Policy spoke. He mentioned how working in government work, particularly local government, is like a giant game of telephone. This in particular resonated with me and the work I do at Deadline Detroit. Our

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I’ve enjoyed the small learning groups throughout DCERP a lot. They feel special! Each cohort fully immerses themselves into the process of learning, as they play the role of both student and teacher during presentations. It’s interesting to see each group learn and present through different mediums and formats. In addition to the learning groups,

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Address Racial Disparity in Detroit – Past and Present “Slavery Is Detroit’s Big, Bad Secret. Why Don’t We Know Anything About It?” by Bill McGraw I chose an article authored by writer who works at my current site, Deadline Detroit. Within the article, McGraw addresses the “collective amnesia” of the North in relation to slavery, and more specifically, Detroit. Detroit’s current makeup seems

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Deadline Detroit provides has provided me a lens into the composition of Detroit. Deadline Detroit, being a local news agency who staffs individuals born and raised in Detroit, allows for an authentic portrayal of what Detroit was and is. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to diverse perspectives throughout the Black Lives Matter protests, as police officers

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Deadline Detroit

My placement for this summer is in Deadline Detroit, which is an independent, grass-roots news organization within the metro-Detroit area. The mission of this organization is to create a platform in which local community members reclaim their narrative. The organization aims to offer reliable and authentic Detroit-focused news. During my placement, my overarching project involves

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Noise – Week 1

Ruchita, We came home different than we had expected, grieving for a world amidst a pandemic. Our body imprinted the mattress, as we hid from our own isolation. We missed feeling bigger than what we were. Our dorm, our learning community, our volunteer network, and our research riddled us with holes in who we thought

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