Mama Shu’s Work in Highland Park – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Mama Shu’s Work in Highland Park

This article really shows what Avalon Village has done for the community and will do in the future, as well as highlighting how great co-ops and tight-knit communities are! It also shows how Soulardarity and Avalon Village have become partners and are invested in creating a community without relying on the city or officials. It is really inspiring to see that community members made this happen and shows that real change is happening on the local level/grassroots level! 

I was also fortunate enough to be able to interview Mama Shu a couple weeks ago and gain her perspective on a business model that my site is considering. She is such an inspiration to the community and throughout our conversation her passion and drive to revitalize Highland Park was contagious. I’m so excited for the future of her projects and hope that the research I am doing will play some-sort of small role in them!

Avalon Village Project In Highland Park Reaches Funding Goal
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