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Chloe Hale

Two Worlds

I feel both connected and disconnected from my job. When working during the day from my computer and phone, I feel very immersed in the work. However, once I leave the screen, I am back at home, 7 hours from Detroit. I’ll occasionally talk about my day with my family, but it feels difficult to …

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Mama Shu’s Work in Highland Park This article really shows what Avalon Village has done for the community and will do in the future, as well as highlighting how great co-ops and tight-knit communities are! It also shows how Soulardarity and Avalon Village have become partners and are invested in creating a community without relying on the city or officials. …

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Week 1 Blog

Hi Future-Chloe, You have just about completed your first week of work for Soulardarity. You are adjusting to the new norms that come with the COVID-19 Pandemic. This week you have also attended protests, wrote letters and watched as the people of the United States fought back against systemic racism and the brutal murders of …

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