Week 5: Let’s put an end to Food Insecurity! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5: Let’s put an end to Food Insecurity!

Article link:https://www.forbes.com/sites/maggiemcgrath/2020/06/09/is-there-a-hack-for-solving-food-insecurity-these-young-leaders-think-they-found-a-solution/#3d6961d87257

Video Link: https://www.forbes.com/video/6162469571001/

New report reveals 30,000 Detroiters do not have access to healthy ...

Food insecurity is a prevalent issue that affects over 48% of Detroiters. This inequality is due to layers of problems that have left families facing starvation and lack of proper nutrition. I have always been passionate about addressing the food desert problem in Detroit and it was comforting to find an article on Forbes that focused on young entrepreneurs that address this problem.

The entrepreneurs created: The Food Chain, a digital platform to connect information about food surpluses and allowing suppliers—including grocers and restaurants—to access distribution networks. With this network, it eliminates food waste and helps people combat food insecurity with access to nutritious food.

Moving forward I would like to find different organizations such as “The Food Chain” where I can help distribute food to others.

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  1. Hey Grace! I actually know the picture you posted! I used it in one of my food insecurity deliverables for my site Authority Health. It’s so frustrating that even when there’s food, especially in Detroit, people have a hard time accessing it- thus the grocery store gaps that you see in the picture. Then they end up having to go to sources that are closer/cheaper, which is usually fast food restaurants and liquor stores, and that’s terrible for one’s health. Still, I’m really happy that they’re entrepreneurs that are working to combat the problem. I’ve noticed that because of COVID 19, local food suppliers are having a harder time getting to distribution networks because so many has closed down, like farmers’ markets for example. But this technology really seems to alleviate that challenge! Hopefully it can become more permanent and mainstream!

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