Week Six Blog: The Begining of the End of Summer 2020 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program
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Week Six Blog: The Begining of the End of Summer 2020

Dear fellows,

As we make my way past the halfway point of the summer and this program, I would like to consider the past few months. To be perfectly honest, I find it difficult to reflect on my experiences in my community, with DCERP, and with my family right now. It will take me longer than usual to process and understand the effects of this summer so far.

After being shooed home, I try to quickly fill the immense amount of time I knew I was going to have. I quickly registered to take CHEM 215 during the spring term, applied to be an American Red Cross volunteer, and planned multiple camping trips. To say the least, I managed to find ways I thought were a good use of my time. When June rolled around, DCERP began to take up more time and I was thankful.

Although I was getting to participate in activities I normally adore, I was distracted. The pandemic was an obvious stain on any normal summer I could try to achieve. The suffering I have witnessed makes me incredibly grateful to have a safe home and plenty of resources to help my family through this time.

What has possibly stuck with me the most this summer, is the resilience of my friends and community. I see them working to care for others, to fight for others, and to learn more about themselves even in the face of what seems like impossible challenges. I hope I can work on these things too. As we turn towards the end of the summer and beginning of fall, I will be motivated by their attitudes and continue to fill my time with worthwhile activities.



2 thoughts on “Week Six Blog: The Begining of the End of Summer 2020”

  1. Hey Madison! You’ve been so involved and busy this summer!! I can definitely resonate with wanting to be “distracted” during this pandemic in light of everything going on in our society and every-day lives. But I agree with the hope that local communities and close friends have shown me in their resiliency with the current issues! Who knows what the future will be like, but for now we gotta do the best on our part! 🙂

  2. Hey Madison! I really relate to your post, especially in terms of processing. Life, especially because of the pandemic, often felt like it was just happening to me. Thanks for opening up and being vulnerable in your post, it made me feel less “alone” in what I am experiencing!

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