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A Small Coincidence

I really didn’t know how our DCERP group would function going completely online, without that in-person living community and face-to-face interactions. I still find it weird that I’ve been talking to so many people and getting to know so many people completely online thus far! Since this is a unique situation that no one has had any expertise in, I for one was a bit worried in the beginning. But with our group chats and slowly opening up during our bi-weekly meetings, I have seen first hand that connections through the computer screen are possible! I think my most memorable time was seeing Saida and Ysabel by chance at a community Zoom meeting hosted by Ecoworks! Usually, in public, community meetings, or just meetings in general with my site, I find myself feeling intimidated with the number of professionals in the meeting, speaking on topics that I strain to follow each time. But with this meeting seeing two fellows from our DCERP cohort got a smile out of me and a sense of comfort seeing us outside of our group in the professional setting! And then chatting in the group chat about the meeting to help the flow of the meeting also helped me to stay connected and grounded with the information that was being presented. Even though it was a small event, a small coincidence encounter, it is one of many events that have brought me a smile during my time in DCERP! 🙂

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  1. Sharonda Chiangong

    I also was surprised at how fast everyone was forming connections with one another! I thought it would take longer or we wouldn’t be able to because of the virtualness. But luckily our groupchat helped bridge that gap.

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