Surprising Moments in DCERP – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Surprising Moments in DCERP

One of the moments during the DCERP program was definitely while reading the “How to Kill a City” book. I didn’t expect there to be “advantages” to gentrification. Every time I thought about gentrification, I thought about negatives or people being separated from their communities for the sake of big business or “upgrading” a city. This really caused me to think about if I had ever experienced gentrification in my environment or how I could have been in an city or area that could’ve been gentrified. Having the discussions about the book also allowed me to learn so much about gentrification and what different people think about it.

2 thoughts on “Surprising Moments in DCERP”

  1. Hi Sharonda! I can definitely relate to your feelings when reading the book! I definitely had heard the word “gentrification” here and there and knew of it, but I realized after reading this book that I hadn’t truly understood the causes and effects that it has in our community today. I had a lot of reflecting to do myself, as you wrote if I had ever encountered directly in my life. I’m glad we were able to come together as a cohort and discuss the topics and content of the book! 🙂

  2. I had a similar experience! When I think of gentrification, positives usually do not come to mind, and I am still debating on whether I would use the word positive while describing such a term, I am able to look at it from a different perspective!

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