Week Eight Blog – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Eight Blog

It is hard to believe that DCERP is coming to an end and we will all be on campus within a few weeks. I can honestly say that this program has given me so much insight and opportunity. The Detroit Community Engaged Research Program was THE highlight of my summer and an experience I will never forget. Specifically, our event meetings were informative and engaging conversations that helped further my DCERP experience.
I think one event meeting, in particular, that was important to me was the meeting with DeAndre Calvert. I loved his dynamic presentation on political environments. He allowed us to critically think about discourse among citizens of Detroit and Metro-Detroit and I took that lesson into practice with my work with Downtown Detroit Partnership. DeAndre Calvert helped our cohort obtain a greater understanding and move into the nonprofit sector with a fair amount of perspective. His contextualization of Detroit political environments aided in my transition into my partnership.


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  1. Hey Le’Elle! It’s really crazy how fast this internship and the summer has gone by! I hope we can all meet together (safely, of course) on campus sometime soon. I also really enjoyed DeAndre’s meeting and presentation about his experience working with community organizations in the city of Detroit. I liked his example from Parks and Rec and the activity we did; I could really put his advice into practice at my placement when surveying community members and interacting with residents.

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