Week 8: Learning from Learning Groups – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8: Learning from Learning Groups

Can you all believe that this is our second to last week of the internship?? It’s crazy to see how fast this summer has flown by, DCERP and all of the fellows have been the highlight of my summer 🙂

I’ve really enjoyed everyone’s learning group presentations so far. Each one was different and informative in their own way! I especially enjoyed the guest speaker on immigrant rights and the short video clips in everyone’s presentations. I have also gained new insights on the Black Lives Movement not just from working at my placement, but from everyone’s perspectives during the BLM learning group’s presentation. It is disheartening to see history repeat itself in the actions of continued police brutality and systematic oppression, but I am optimistic to see our generation using our voice to highlight these inequalities and make sustainable change.

Reflecting back on my own learning group and our food insecurity food presentation, I think it went really well! We had some hiccups with our food demo, but I was able to make the banana ice cream this last weekend and it was delicious! I highly recommend you try it if you haven’t already. I had some prior knowledge about the topic coming into the food insecurity presentation, but I was able to learn so much more about it and its impact on Detroit by working with Grace, Rakira, and Torisa. I hope everyone was able to take something away from it too!

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  1. Hey!!!

    I agree! Although we had some hiccups with the food demo, I believe everything went really well and we all worked great together. I’m glad you had the opportunity to try the banana ice cream! It’s the perfect summer treat:)

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