“How to Kill a City” Reflection – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

“How to Kill a City” Reflection

After reading this novel, I now see gentrification in a new light. Before reading this novel, I automatically paired it with Detroit or surroundings cities. I didn’t realize how much it affects other cities such as New Orleans or San Francisco. I always thought these cities were constantly thriving and very popular areas. Now I know my thinking was completely one sided and flawed. I didn’t realize the intensity of the situation in terms of splitting up communities or families. I’m really glad we were given the opportunity to read this book because now I can take what I know from this book and the discussions we had, and share it with other people. This book relates to my placement because there are some people who had to move into less fortunate areas as a result of gentrification or have had to experience additional hardships because of people wanting to “revamp” a city.

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  1. Hi Sharonda, I feel the same way after reading this book. I had heard of the exodus of people following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, but never that it began the eviction of residents and the gentrification process in the city. It was disturbing to find out there was so much that I had never realized was happening to communities due to gentrification.

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