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Our Learning Group

It’s insane how fast time flies and how we’re already finishing up week 8. I feel like it was only yesterday when I wrote my letter to my future self and yet here we are! These past few weeks I have been blessed to have been informed so much from not only guest speakers thanks to Ray but also of my fellow cohorts. But I think one of the greatest learning I had done was within my own Learning Group, discovering a blatant disparity in the midst of our society right now. I thought vaguely of what kind of social determinants there might be due to COVID-19 but never would I have imagined how vast and how close to home they could be. And as we shared with each other the interests we had within this topic, Leslie with food insecurity, Le’elle with educational attainment, Blaine with SES, I was able to learn and share with others in my vicinity that were unaware of these setbacks. I loved how interactive our presentation was for other fellows to participate in during our main presentation and the break out rooms. I want to give a shoutout to Leslie for controlling the slides and keeping calm despite technical difficulties 🙂 I’m going to miss my learning group, but I’m saying goodbye with a smile and without regrets for how much we were able to perform with each other!

2 thoughts on “Our Learning Group”

  1. Blaine Teahan

    Hey Sarah! I’m in total agreement with how fast DCERP has gone by. Anyway, it was a pleasure to learn about health inequities in COVID and to work with you in our learning group!

  2. Sharonda Chiangong

    I would agree that your learning group taught me so much about the determinants of health and which ones are more highlighted than others. This has definitely changed my perspective on the different types of ways that we are being “helped” in our communities.

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