Week 8 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8

One of the most memorable DCERP meetings for me was the one in which a professor from the school of Public Policy spoke. He mentioned how working in government work, particularly local government, is like a giant game of telephone. This in particular resonated with me and the work I do at Deadline Detroit. Our job is essentially playing that “giant game of telephone,” sifting through misinformation, and finding nuggets of knowledge to disseminate into the community. Deadline Detroit, and other news organizations alike, are often present for the before and after of policy. When I say that, I mean Deadline Detroit is either demanding for policy change or covering new policy change. Being a Public Policy major and working extensively with local government officials, I have realized the process of policy reform itself is messy and difficult. Often, damaging policy is created with good intent. I think this talk in particular showed me how to account for a wide range of perspectives to get a complete understanding of a policy and the community it affects.

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  1. Hi Ruchita!

    I really enjoyed DeAndre Calvert’s talk too! He was one of the most memorable guest speakers for me also. The work that Deadline Detroit does and that you’ve helped with sounds awesome, and it’s really cool that you were able to so closely relate your experience with what DeAndre said.

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