Hope Village Farmers Market – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Hope Village Farmers Market

This summer, I am working with HOPE Village Revitalization, which is an initiative of a nonprofit called Focus: HOPE. HOPE Village community has about 5,300 residents and is about one square mile in size, located near the center of Detroit. The mission of HOPE Village Revitalization (also called HVR) is “to ensure that by the year 2031, 100% of the residents in the service area will be educationally well-prepared, economically self-sufficient, and living in a safe and supportive environment.” 

As a part of this initiative, my community organization began a farmers market 4 years ago, which is what my summer research project is about. The community farmers market brings together community members and local farmers/craftspeople/entrepreneurs, and works to make sure that all residents have access to fresh, affordable, and healthy food. This market is unique because it accepts all types of food assistance programs, making it even more accessible to the community.

Just recently, a consultant that has worked with other (larger) farmers markets came up with an evaluation plan to document the farmers markets and evaluate the successes/challenges. This evaluation plan is what my research project is centered around. I have been collecting and analyzing data from our market, including customer counts, vendor sales, and surveys. I will use this information to show the progression of the market and make suggestions for how we can improve.

So far, I have really enjoyed getting to know the other DCERP fellows in our after-work meetings. I love to hear about what others are doing, all of the projects seem so cool! My learning group topic is arts and culture and we are thinking about exploring some of the museums around Detroit, like the Motown Museum or the DIA. Last year, I worked at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit and had the opportunity to become familiar with the art scene in Detroit, so I am super excited about this topic.

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  1. Thank you for sharing about your project! It seems super cool and I think the concept of a farmer’s market to build community is so unique! I’m working with Neighborhood Service Organization, and I think I remember looking into the work Focus: HOPE is doing – I love the connection!

  2. Hi. This sounds really dope, and I love the picture. I hope your project goes well. I love the DIA at Detroit. It’s so beautiful, especially in the summer. The Detroit School of Arts may also be a great place to explore for your learning group. Also, check out the Sphinx Music Competition that happens in Detroit: https://www.sphinxmusic.org. It was something my teachers loves for us to get involved in in high school.

  3. The pictures you posted make me really interested in your project. I think it is so important that a farmer’s market exists where any food assistance program is accepted because that is a major hurdle that prevents people from having access to food, especially with how much of Detroit can be a food desert. A fun field trip idea in Detroit is going to Eastern Market on Saturdays. It’s an awesome place to hang out and shop and get to see the community of Detroit up close and candidly. I hope your project goes well.

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