Week 2-Building Pride with LGBT Detroit – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 2-Building Pride with LGBT Detroit

The organization I was placed with was LGBT Detroit. LGBT Detroit is an organization founded to promote LGBTQ+ Education and create a strong community for LGBT youth in Detroit. They advocated for the LGBT people of Detroit before lawmakers and provide safe spaces for gatherings. 

This summer I will be an intern for the org to be useful in any way possible. My primary focus is on the Hotter Than July black pride celebration that will be July 23-25th, which is the longest-running black pride event in America. I was charged with coming up with ways to promote the event on social media leading up to the event and to help with the production of the event since it will be virtual this year. In the meantime, I’ve been working on smaller projects such as helping to put together and present training on pronouns. I am still in a sort of newbie limbo where I’m not busy all the time and I’ve found a lot of free time for myself, but I think I’ll be much busier in the future the closer we get to July.

Meeting my DCERP fellows has been fun. Everyone is really vibrant and upbeat and they make this experience a lot of fun. My smaller group is about policing and we’ve talked about ideas for community policing and other ways to improve policing methods in Detroit.

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  1. Hey Lilith,
    I had never heard of the Hotter Than July celebration – that sounds so cool! I could never be in charge of an entire org’s social media page, but you seem really creative, and I have a feeling LGBT Detroit lucked out with who they got as an intern. Good luck with your pronouns presentation. I’ve found myself in a bit of a limbo with time too but you’re right – it’ll probably get better as everyone gets into the swing of things.

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