Week 2 – A Journey with 826michigan – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 2 – A Journey with 826michigan

Hey all!

The organization I was placed with was 826michigan, in which Lily and I will be working for. Their mission is to help public schools in Detroit and offer the younger students an opportunity to improve their writing skills in every way possible. The project I’ll be working on is collaborating with 826michigan to have a successful Writer’s Club in which young students of all ages can come in and work on different aspects of their writing. Another project that will be worked on is sending writing kits to families that ask for it too! Lastly, Lily and I will be working to publish the student’s work as well and show off the work they’ve done throughout the summer.

So far the DCERP program has been a blast! I enjoyed interacting with the fellows tonight and getting to know everyone. What the learning group is looking to explore together are looking into different ways that Racism can be stopped and controlled around the world. Lately we’ve just been talking over our own experiences and seeing how we’ve all been affected as well as how different things influence racism in the world. We’re still looking for ways in which we could do around the communities but we’re working so well together and I’m really enjoying seeing the group every meeting!

2 thoughts on “Week 2 – A Journey with 826michigan”

  1. Hi Ray,

    Your work with 826michigan sounds really exciting! I like how your work involves many different projects like the kits and publishing; my project is like that too. For me, working on several smaller projects has given me a better sense of the many different things my organization does. I hope it’s the same way for you!

    I definitely agree with you that the DCERP program has been a blast! Also, it was great getting to know you better at the virtual meet-up!

  2. Ray,
    I think its super awesome to give kids the place to write and explore their creativity. Even more cool that their work gets to be published and celebrated. Is it going to be published publicly? If so, I think you should definitely share the links with us!

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