Week 2: Learning about Nortown CDC – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 2: Learning about Nortown CDC

This summer, I am working with Nortown Community Development Corporation (CDC), a nonprofit organization with a mission to bring economic development to Northeast Detroit (District 3). Over the next two months, I will be working on a few different projects, along with assisting with other priorities and tasks. One of my projects is to research Village of Norris properties, along with some residential properties to develop a community engagement contact list. As part of this property research, I’m also going to see if the Village of Norris was once a stop on the Underground Railroad! Another project I have is to create social media accounts for Nortown CDC to establish contacts with past residents who may have photos or stories about the area. A few of my other projects include assisting with land use policy matters and learning about Mayor Duggan’s proposal regarding the allocation of American Rescue Plan funds. Nortown CDC is actually having a meeting with the Mayor’s staff person in about two weeks to make recommendations on how the funds would best benefit District 3- which I’m really excited to attend!

So far, my experience has been absolutely great. My supervisor and Executive Director of Nortown CDC, Pat Bosch, has been so welcoming and great to work with. My first two weeks have been an orientation period- consisting of various city council meetings, land use zoning hearings, webinars, and committee meetings, along with assisting with some tasks/projects. I’m really looking forward to getting started on my research and working on the other projects.

It’s been great interacting with other DCERP fellows, and I really enjoyed our virtual meetup yesterday! My learning group is exploring arts and culture in Detroit, and we are thinking about going to a few museums for our project!

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  1. Brooklynne GabrielleBates

    Hi Malak! The nonprofit I am working with, Dream of Detroit, also deals with economic development! They work to fix up houses for the community, though my part of the project deals with making a documentary of Black Muslim leadership in the community.

    I had no idea the Village of Morris was part of the Underground Railroad! Something I love about this internship is the fact that we get to help people AND learn about the history.

  2. This is very cool work. Reading “How to Kill a City” and about the progress your project makes definitely speaks volumes put next to each other. I’m looking forward to following the social media you put out in the world!

  3. Hi Malak. Your project sounds really interesting and I’m curious what comes of your research into if the Village of Norris was once an Underground Railroad stop. I’m also doing social media management and that can be such a fulfilling if intensive task. I’m sure you’ll do great. I can’t wait yo hear more about your project.

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