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The communities within Detroit

My parents lived and raised my siblings and I in Detroit. Despite growing up in Detroit, there was a whole part of the community that I never saw. In my community placement, I have gotten a greater sense of culture within Detroit. At my site, there is an emphasis to reach spanish speaking families, so that they can be informed about environmental issues in their communities. I was amazed to learn that many organizations do not make efforts to reach families who speak different languages. The reality is that Detroit is filled with people of all races, experiences, ages, and cultures. Something I appreciate about my site is that they find ways to help people no matter who they are. This is what inspires me as I do work. Not everyone at my site lives in Detroit, although this does not stop them from working tirelessly to make a difference. This is what community is about in my opinion. It’s seeing the greater purpose which is to improve the lives of others and the quality of living.

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  1. I was also born and raised in Detroit also and DCERP really help me see the other side of Detroit I was never really introduced to. I’m really glad to know your organization makes it an effort to reach out to Spanish speaking families. I want to do translation work and I’ve noticed a lot of organizations and companies fail to make information accessible to non English speaking groups.

  2. Manar Aljebori

    Hi Totti!
    I too appreciate SDEV and how they try to reach everyone. I agree that community is all about helping improve the quality of living in others. It’s sad to see how different communities in Detroit are either forgotten or ignored because some organizations don’t take time to make resources available for everyone.

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