Week 5: It’s getting kind of crazy out here. – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5: It’s getting kind of crazy out here.

This week at LGBT Detroit has been super hectic. My primary supervisor has been busy for most of this week so I’ve been left to my own devices. Last week, I was put in charge of volunteer coordinating for our Hotter Than July Testing Zones, which means my inbox has been flooded by dozens of emails of prospective volunteers, which is also a huge issue. For Hotter Than July this year, we were supposed to have 3 testing zones and we just lost one, bringing us down to two.  That reduced how many volunteers I’m responsible for from 55 to 35 but it was really stressful emailing companies and going “hey guys, so about that third zone, it doesn’t exist, whoops.” It’s also super stressful making sure everyone is on the same page about what shifts they’re working for this event. I’m making it seem worse than it is, but it’s manageable, it’s also just unfamiliar for me. 

Also, starting July 5th, I’m on-site every day which means I can no longer be a computer gremlin hidden by a screen. For most of the weeks, I’ve mostly been given a list of tasks to get done and left alone. Now people are actually going to observe me and make sure I’m on task and don’t get me wrong, I get my work done, but in a way that my ADHD-wired brain prefers, which is a lot of breaks, but a lot of working stints. I’ll probably be fine (eh, maybe not). However, I’m excited to meet the rest of LGBT Detroit in person.

Oh yeah, Hotter Than July is 3 weeks away which means I have a deadline fast approaching to find 35 volunteers, assist in the filming of 3 events, and also social media promotion. Kind of crazy. I’m kind of rambling right now, so I guess this is the end. Peace.

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  1. Hey Lillith,

    Your placement seems super stressful, but I hope after the event actually occurs, super rewarding. I myself would feel really overwhelmed if I were in charge of 55 volunteers, and then have to completely shift gears and figure out what to do about the third testing-zone. You’re doing an amazing job considering your circumstances! Hopefully once you start in person it’ll be easier to manage speaking to your supervisor + work peers. I believe in you!

  2. Hey!! This is all seems super stressful, I’m so sorry! From what I can tell, you’ve been managing things great!! I understand how nerve-wracking it must be to have to shift to working in person but just know you’re doing amazing and take breaks as needed. I hope everything’s works out well. Reach out if you ever need anything.

  3. Brooklynne Bates

    Hi Lillith! What is the connection between the companies and the testing zones? How does losing a testing zone affect the companies? What three events do you have to film? Good luck in the next few weeks!

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