Week 5: Free-styling my Experience so Far. – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5: Free-styling my Experience so Far.

After 5 weeks of working with CDAD (the Communtiy Development Advocates of Detroit) I’m really starting to feel just how important the work is that CDAD does, and how pivotal their work is for the city of Detroit. Detroiters need people who will vouch for them, and politicians aren’t always the answer. Community organizations, block clubs, nonprofits (and more) are what change Detroit, for the better. If we put our all into city council, and the mayor, we will fall into a deep trap of career politics and politicians playing their career games. I have been sitting in on city council meetings regarding the American Rescue Plan, where Detroit will get $826 Million in funds, (the 5th largest amount in the US). Detroiters feel like the city (council and Mayor included) are not listening to where they want the money to be allocated. Detroiters feel unheard, and failed at the hands of their own city. On top of that, people are now dealing with infrastructure problems that could have been easily prevented by listening to budget propositions that people have been talking about for decades. So many residents proclaim that they don’t need bike-lanes or fancy parks– they want water. safe shelter. transportation updates. It’s really disheartening to see the conditions Detroiters are facing, and also compare it to the book we’re reading.

This is only the beginning of the work I have been listening in on and learning about, and I believe it’s only the beginning of the wormhole that is Detroit politics.

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  1. Wow, that’s a large sum of money. I hope CDAD is able to advocate for the community. It’s important to listen to the community and where they know the money needs to go–not where the city thinks it should. Keep up the good work.

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