Week 7: Inspired – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 7: Inspired

I am so inspired by the work that is being done in Detroit. I’ve learned and seen that the people are resilient from working with NSO as well as getting to hear about other fellows’ organizations. Today, I’d like to highlight guest speaker, Tiffany Brown, and her work at Detroit Food Academy (DFA) and Developing Despite Distance (3D).

I remember being in awe of Ms. Brown’s story and her drive to start her own non-profit, 3D despite the great responsibilities she already had at DFA. I could see the deep love Ms. Brown has for the people of Detroit, and I love the work that is happening at both non-profits. DFA teaches students at local schools how to cook nutritious meals and introduces them to a potential career path they might not have known otherwise. 3D helps children of incarcerated men and women connect with their parents through letter writing. This was a new concept for me, but as I listened to Ms. Brown’s personal experience, I came to understand the importance of 3D’s work in enabling children to thrive as they develop. I came to truly see the resiliency of these children and especially Ms. Brown.

This is just one organization amongst many in Detroit who are doing hard yet meaningful work. They truly care about the people and listen to understand the city’s needs. There may only be a few weeks left in this internship, but I will hold on to the things I’ve observed and learned through this experience.

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  1. Abby,
    I was also in awe of Ms. Brown’s non-profit because I had never really thought about what kind of support (or lack thereof) was given to children with parents who are incarcerated. I just recently heard of another non-profit, named the Pure Heart Foundation which is also in Detroit, which also supported children with incarcerated parents. An aspect of their programming is mental health, and they provide children with individual, group, and family therapy which I think is so amazing.

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