Week 7: Reflecting on a great group – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 7: Reflecting on a great group

I’ve really enjoyed that we have had guest speakers during our group meetings. One that stood out to me was Tiffany Brown with Detroit Food Academy and 3D. Developing Despite Distance was especially interesting to learn about from Ms Brown because parental incarceration is part of what I’ve been researching with my community organization. Beyond her presentation about the organizations, it was inspiring to listen to her story. While I don’t have a personal connection to parental incarceration, I’ve learned so much more about parental incarceration, the effects on children, and ways that we can work towards reversing, preventing, and allowing parents the opportunity to change without focusing on punishment. 

I like that we have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers because it gives us more insight into what other fellows have been working on, and how those organizations got started. I think it will be cool to reflect on the guest speakers and then on the perspective of the fellows at the Symposium. I think it is important to learn about the other community placements in DCERP, and having guest speakers is a great way to be introduced to them. I’m looking forward to the learning group presentations as well! It’s exciting to be able to work in small groups about topics we are interested in, while also getting to know each other in a smaller setting. The learning groups are also a way for us to show creative interests, and reflect on how those differ amongst all of us. 

Also, I wanted to thank Ataia and the Anti-Racism group for their amazing presentation on Tuesday. Discussing privilege and taking the time to recognize your own privilege can be difficult, and uncomfortable at times, but it is incredibly important, and yesterday was a reminder of that. Tuesday’s presentation was just another example of how great our cohort is. It was a welcoming space to share our thoughts on some of the questions, and openly reflect on our privilege and anything we may not have thought about or found surprising.

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  1. I also really loved learning about DFA and 3D – it seems like such a cool organization with truly caring people! Thank you also for being receptive to the Privilege Walk activity – I know it can be uncomfortable, but it’s amazing how conversations can be so powerful!

  2. Y’alll!! That’s my mentor! Haha, yes. It’s an honor to work under her, she’s inspired so many and works so hard. The privilege walk activity did help me think more about my perspective. There is a saying that the Black Woman is the most underrespected figure in America. Participating in this activity as a Black woman reminded me there are still many more intersectionalities that don’t get the respect they deserve. Hopefully with more intersectional figures involved in politics, and the community, respect will come out of the engagement and stay.

  3. I totally agree, Ms. Brown’s time speaking with us really resonated with me too. She just omitted this wave of kindness that made you feel comfortable and cared for. I had never even thought about the negative effects children with incarcerated parents face, and while teaching us, she somehow still made me feel like that is the proudest someone has been of me in a long time?? (if that makes sense). In short, she was really incredible. I also want to echo your thanks for the anti-racism group, I think that tuesday’s meeting is one of the best we have had yet.

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