Week 7: Learning Group Presentations – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 7: Learning Group Presentations

This week, I really enjoyed the Antiracism and Environmental Justice presentations! During Tuesday’s meeting, the privilege “walk” made me realize I’m privileged in more ways than I had ever thought about. I never used to consider “not having to rely on public transportation” or “having a computer at home” as areas of privilege and always overlooked them. I also noticed that certain areas can be either obstacles or privileges for people, depending on the situation. One of the topics I couldn’t put a tick mark down for was “having English as a first language,” but I don’t see this as something that’s made me less privileged. I started learning English when I was only 6, so being a nonnative speaker was rarely a challenge and actually became an asset as I grew up. This is certainly different for people who have to learn a new language when they’re older, and it affects everyday life in more ways than people can even think about. I also really enjoyed that Thursday’s presentation made me do some self reflection like the Antiracism presentation did. I learned that if everyone lived their lives the way I did, we would need 3.5 Earths! The activity and discussion definitely made me realize that I should be doing more to live sustainably.

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  1. Gabrielle Lilly

    I like how positive your perspective on not having English as a first language is. While it is easier to learn another language as a child, I like that you do not see having English as your second language as oppressive in any way. I honestly wish I was taught another language when I was younger because I think it is such a valuable skill.

  2. Hey Malak, I’m really glad you enjoyed our Environmental Justice presentation! I also really love the Ecological Footprint activity. I’ve done it a few times in classes and extracurriculars, and its always really interesting to see how my footprint changes from year-to-year.

  3. Hi Malak!
    I definitely agree that the privilege walk was an eye opener. I never would’ve thought that something as simple as being right handed would be a privilege. I also did not think having English as my 2nd language would be a privilege, but now thinking about what you said, it is one of those things that could be a privilege in some situations.

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