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Week Seven: Theater Writers Club! Our Main Project!

Now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for! This Wednesday and Thursday was our first experience in our Theater Writers Club! Our team met up on Monday to discuss our roles and responsibilities for the club. We also went over how the club was going to run. Here is our “schedule” for each day of the writers club (we are having Theater Writers Club every Wednesday and Thursday for four weeks):

  • Theater Writers Club (TWC) Group Meeting (30 minutes)
  • “Pre-Huddle” with the TWC team and with the other volunteers (15 minutes)
    • During the Pre-Huddle we discuss what we’re doing during the TWC session!
  • TWC!!! (1 hour)
    • Welcome/Intros/Warm-up Activity Game (20 minutes)
    • Small Group Script Writing (30 minutes)
    • Whole Group Sharing (10 minutes)
  • “Post-Huddle” with TWC team and with the other volunteers (10 minutes)
    • During the Post-Huddle we discuss how the session went and what can be improved for the next session.

At our Monday meeting, all of us were given specific roles and responsibilities for TWC. My role is to lead the “Post-Huddle” session and to alter the Writers Club based off of everyone’s comments. I do this along with assisting in facilitating our meetings and encouraging students.

So far, our writing club has gone well. Right now, there are only a few students signed up for the club; seven at most. This is not that many, so we are hoping there will be more students joining the club next week. We actually had to pull a few volunteers out of the groups so the students can feel more comfortable.

Anyway, that’s a look into our club!

3 thoughts on “Week Seven: Theater Writers Club! Our Main Project!”

  1. Gabrielle Lilly

    This seems like such a fun club! I like how this club is catered to theater writing because I feel like that component in theater gets forgotten. I am glad to hear you are working to provide such a positive space for students to work on and improve their theater writing skills.

  2. YAY!!! so glad you finally got to experience your Theater Writers Club! The schedule you guys created looks fun and definitely engaging. It’s cool that you had to pull a few volunteers out of groups, really shows how you care about the students and their comfort above all. I hope you enjoy the 4 weeks 🙂

  3. Raymond Ugaz-Carhuavilca

    The TWC is slowly on the rise I hope! It was great to see the enthusiasm of the students wanting to write their plays and how creative their ideas are. I can’t wait to do the same this week and help the students continue their writing!

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