Week Seven: A Great Group Presentation! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Seven: A Great Group Presentation!

This week was full of lots of work when it came to my internship but that didn’t delay our community group, The Antiracist Rockstars, to present our group presentation! It was so much fun being able to interact with them and be able to share ideas on what we might talk about as well as coordinate who does what. Shoutout to Ataia for putting together the whole presentation and the rest of the group for a great presentation. Even though we put this all together, I learned so much about my privileges that same day that the presentation was presented and made that an even more eye-opening experience. Not only that but Ataia’s guest speakers did such an amazing job of keeping it a hundred with the group and just inspired for more change to hopefully come in the near future. I took so much out of our own presentation and hopefully it will be like that for every community group’s presentation! I’m so excited to see what is presented next!

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