Week Eight: The Project and Its Progress! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Eight: The Project and Its Progress!

With so many different projects that I have for 826michigan, it’s incredible to see how much progress the work I’ve done for 826michigan is being put into use! I had a last minute project to email about 100 families to recruit their child/student to see if they would be willing to join our brand new Theaters Writing Club and luckily one family reached back and actually let their student participate in the Writing Club! Another project that should be put into use probably next month more than this month is the Survey that gives feedback to 826michigan from families over whether the Writing Kits were helpful to the student or if they enjoyed it as a family. This will be great to see be put into action just cause it’ll help 826michigan with providing stats to contributors to possibly get more grants. This helped me gain knowledge that nonprofits need to do so much work themselves and obtaining stats will help keep the organization on its feet. I finally understand what working with a nonprofit takes to continue running the business successfully. I can’t wait to continue working on the projects at 826michigan!

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  1. Hi Ray,
    I’m so glad you are enjoying your time with 826michigan and that your projects are making progress! I’ve also been making feedback surveys and getting involved with community outreach with SDEV. A helpful tip I noticed is that people usually respond to multiple choice questions more than short answer, so maybe include plenty of multiple choice in the survey 🙂

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