Week Nine: What a Way to End off! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Nine: What a Way to End off!

Looking back at my first post it’s incredible to see how much the views stayed the same on the community aspect and even grew in many aspects that I would’ve never pictured of before. At first I just thought community was some place you can feel safe and people shared the same interests. Now I look at community as being a place where people share the same interests but also push you to succeed and feel like a second family. So far the internship isn’t done but I’ve already gotten so much done and hopefully it continues to be that way moving forward. I’ve been able to bring students at 826michigan smiles on their faces, help them with their writing, and I’m now moving onto bigger projects such as creating a Theaters Writing Kit! I’m so happy to see all of this hard work paid off and that I’m actually able to give back to a community. I hope that when I get back home I can one day do the same for my hometown but in the meanwhile doing it for the city of Detroit has been a great experience. Also, working along the fellows was such a great experience and it was super fun getting to know everyone! Hopefully we all hang out one day!

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  1. Hey Ray! I am excited to hear more about your Theater Writers Kit! Are you writing/designing the whole thing from scratch? That’s what Teanne and I did for the College App Essay Kit! I am excited to see more of you this summer, hopefully we can go together in person again.

  2. It’s great that you’re continuing your work with 826 Michigan, good luck with the rest of the project! I also really enjoyed getting to get to know the fellows, hopefully we all meet on campus soon!

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