Week 9: Thank you DCERP & Nortown CDC! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 9: Thank you DCERP & Nortown CDC!

I can’t believe how fast these 9 weeks went by! Looking at my first blog post, I’m really proud of everything I accomplished this summer. Something I hoped to learn at the beginning of this program was to understand the relationship between local government and nonprofit organizations. I think I certainly learned more about this relationship after working on many different projects. Working with Nortown CDC allowed me to see how hard community organizations have to work to have their voice heard in policy decisions. Another thing I was hoping to learn about was how city government operates. I attended several city council meetings and land use zoning hearings and also researched the agenda items/properties for those meetings. I honestly learned more than I expected to in 9 weeks. Lastly, I stated that I would be really proud if I understood the importance of community engagement in government/policy decisions, and I definitely did! This program also allowed me to explore my interests outside of academic courses. I’ve always thought about working in public policy, specifically pertaining to economics, and getting to work with an economic development-focused nonprofit strengthened that interest. I’m very grateful for my time with Nortown CDC and honestly can’t thank my supervisor enough for everything I’ve learned from her. I’m very thankful to have gotten to become a part of DCERP and also getting to know everyone!

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  1. I 100% agree with you about how hard community organizations need to work to have their voices heard, it’s so unfair how they often go ignored. I am so happy that you enjoyed working with Nortown CDC and DCERP. It’s crazy how fast these nine weeks flew by.

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