Week 2: Things Are Moving! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 2: Things Are Moving!

ProsperUs is an economic development initiative non-profit that builds and sustain Detroit entrepreneurs and small businesses. This non-profit provides entrepreneurship training and financial training along with micro lending. In providing these services, ProsperUs builds a closer relationship with their clients which I find to be very inspiring and should be implemented into more businesses. I am working on researching how ProsperUs can improve their approach to Relationship Based Lending and helping their borrowers become ready to increase their capital. I will be introducing the methods and ideas to be used to answer and explore the questions we have to the entire board of ProsperUs so the company may move further in research.

So far, my experience in DCERP has been fun and fascinating to be able to explore the city more with peers who also are curious about learning more about the Motor City life. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming to each other which I am very grateful for. I would love to explore more about the history of Detroit and areas outside of Downtown Detroit. I know that Detroit is NOT the downtown area and many of us born in Detroit, Detroiters, do not see downtown as the true Detroit. That is because it truly is not, Detroit is predominately Black, and yet majority of people downtown are white, therefore, I look forward to learning more about all of Detroit and not just the metro area.

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  1. Hi Jazzmyn! Your work with ProsperUs is very inspiring. I really love their approach of seeking out relationships with their clients and their focus on the little guys. I wish you luck on researching and improving ProsperUs’s relationships. I would also love to explore more about the history of Detroit and areas outside of Downtown Detroit because I feel like right now we are in a bubble.

  2. Hi Jazzmyn, I am really looking forward to working together! I guess we can all learn a lot from each other’s upbringing and skillsets.

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