Week 3 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 3

Chandler Park has been a great resource for the community especially during the pandemic. When COVID hit many people were able to walk around the park to see other people and enjoy nature. The pandemic was terrible in terms of preventing events and programming from happening, but the park itself was good for people to cope with being isolated. Something that I learned about Detroit while working with Chandler Park Conservancy is how people in the community are grateful for whatever resources they are given. My mentors at Chandler Park Conservancy always do their best to put on a quality event and programs and it is evident of how satisfied the community members are of the resources that are provided by the growing number of people that show out to their events through the years. It makes me happy to know that Chandler Park gives them what they need because while working on the east side I haven’t seen much that was within walking distance.

2 thoughts on “Week 3”

  1. Hey Jessica,
    It is so interesting to see how Chandler Park serves as an anchor for nearby neighborhoods. I have biked their once and was really impressed by the lively atmosphere on weekends. I would really love to see your insights on how to activate this space and if possible, also share with the group some activities we could participate.

  2. Hey Jessica! After spending today at Chandler Park volunteering with you all, I definitely agree that your organization works hard to provide quality events and resources for their community! I saw so much love and joy. Can’t wait to see what you will do next!

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