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Week 9

This was the most bittersweet week out of all the other weeks. I was excited but also sad that I was at the finish line. All I could think of was how these kids were going to feel when I told them that I was going to leave. On the other hand, I was excited …

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Week 8

The week before the last. I am excited to see how much progress the kids at archery has made. This project has allowed me to see the joys of working with children as well as the importance of environmental stewardship. One thing that I wish I could improve on was doing better at teaching about …

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Week 6&7

This past week has been sad wrapping up the first cohort of the summer camp. I’m going to miss some of the kids that are leaving, but I’m excited for the new group that is coming in. I feel like since we have some of the old kids that are still in camp they can …

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Week 5

This is the first week of Chandler Park’s Summer Program and I must say that working with kids is hard work. They are all so fun and have different personalities so that is the only hard part about working the program. One negative thing that I would have to mention is that it feels like …

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Week 4

I can’t believe it’s already been about a month. It’s been an amazing experience working in the office, but I am more excited to be outdoors with the kiddos. I am grateful to have actual experiences of working in a nonprofit and seeing how much stress it is to work as a full time employee. …

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Week 3

Chandler Park has been a great resource for the community especially during the pandemic. When COVID hit many people were able to walk around the park to see other people and enjoy nature. The pandemic was terrible in terms of preventing events and programming from happening, but the park itself was good for people to …

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Week 2

This summer, I was placed at Chandler Park Conservancy. Many parks have specific things that they focus on, however, Chandler Park is known for sports. Chandler Park puts on events throughout the year as well as many programs. They also have many amenities that attract people with different sports interests and interests in general. Their …

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Week 1

Hi, my name is Jessica Trinh and I’m a rising Senior from Chicago. Community means to me a place where everyone belongs and has a purpose. I was interested in doing community work in Detroit because I wanted to see the similarities and differences of the issues in the communities compared to where I’m from. …

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