Week 4: Creating Culture – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 4: Creating Culture

I have had the great fortune of working in a variety of work cultures, but this is my first time working in the city government. I originally thought that it would be similar to other public sector work that I have done, but I would say that the work culture is distinct here in the City of Detroit government. There is a kind of resourceful, scrappiness that likely comes from governing in a city that has been plauged by economic downturn; and there is, of course, the proceedural focus characteristic of governments. The combination of these somewhat competing identities create an environment unlike any other I have worked in.

Work cultures are particularly interesting to me because of the way that any one individual can dramatically impact them. I am impressed by how one or two mentor-type figures have really defined my experience in almost every work culture I have been a part of.

There is always an adjustment period when you start a new job, but I think the adjustment period has been elongated by the hybrid working experience. This has created an opportunity to create my own working culture as I find a way to navigate the culture of the office that I work in. I have been reflecting on what leadership and collaborative skills I seek to bring to the work cultures I am a part of. I hope to create a clearer picture of this for myself so that I can be a better co-worker and leader.

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  1. I found your experience with the scrappiness very similar to mine. I feel like when governments/organizations have very little money they must come up with creative solutions. I believe this can sometimes bring out some great ideas that wouldn’t have existed if you could just resort to paying your way out. I hope this brings out more creative ideas for you!


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