Week 4!! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 4!!

Hi everyone! I want to talk about my nonprofit because just this Sunday we had one of our biggest events at Chandler Park. It was stressful planning and we all worked together as a team to pull it all off. I am so happy with the outcome and how it all came together. Everything went smooth! It was the grand opening for the skate park and we actually got Tony Hawk to come out for it. It was an amazing experience and the youth had an amazing time. They got their stuff signed by Tony, won tons of things in the raffle, got free food, and even learned how to skate board. It was an event I will definitely never forget. Families were beyond happy and it was so amazing to see the community come together, listen to music, skateboard, and enjoy each others company. This week we are beginning our plans for the youth summer program Chandler Park offers. I will be running the camp with two other people. I will be in charge of training the kids in archery which I am so excited because it was my first time ever doing archery let alone training kids on how to do it.

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  1. Edisa Niyifasha

    Hi Maddie,

    Wow, I am so glad that the skateboard went well and that Tony Hawk took the time to be in this event. I am so bummed that I couldn’t go but I’m glad that the kids and families enjoyed themselves. I am also glad that you get to start summer camp and hope you don’t get overwhelmed by the kids (because they can be energy-draining). I wish nothing but the best 🙂


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