Week 4 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 4

Can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks into the program! In interacting with the community of Friends of Parkside, I can say with certainty that they are all passionate people. The culture that exists with FOP is very welcoming. As the majority of the staff are residents of the community that they serve, everyone knows everyone, and members of the Parkside staff are all treated like a family. Even for a member like me, a non-resident and the youngest person in the organization (amongst many seniors), I feel especially welcomed. The culture exhibited in FOP is very holistic, and inclusive. From what I have seen, no one leaves someone out, and everyone is willing to share and hear each other’s ideas in order to implement the projects that help the community. For an intern with not as much an important role as the rest of the staff, I’m grateful that the people of FOP encourage me to take the lead in sharing my ideas during our staff meetings, as well taking the initiative to volunteer for roles that I may be interested in. I’m really grateful for the environment that FOP maintains, as it makes me feel like a valued member of their organization.

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  1. Hey Dahika! It’s awesome to hear how integrated you feel with the team at your site, even though you’re one of the youngest and a non-resident. Does your day-to-day schedule involve a lot of volunteering for different opportunities? If so, it’s awesome that you have plenty of control over what you’re doing at your site each day!

  2. I can relate to you with that. My site also makes us interns take a lot of initiative to do things. This is one the most fulfilling and meaningful internships I’ve had in the last couple of years. Comparing interning at a nonprofit to interning at a corporation, it is harder work but to me it’s better than just sitting around doing nothing or filing papers. I’m happy that you are treated the same way everyone else in the organization is treated!

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