Week 5: Mini Adventures – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5: Mini Adventures

Hey y’all! Aminata here

I’ve had a lot of fun with small adventures around Detroit and other areas. It’s so easy with our DCERP cohort because everyone is so nice, friendly, and fun. This past Monday for 4th of July, some of us went to a festival that had music, food trucks, carnival rides, and fireworks. I haven’t been on an amusement park ride in soooo long so this was a lot of fun. I did, however, crush Edisa on a ride that’s not too friendly to the human body (it spun so fast).

I’ve also been to Astoria, one of the bakeries in Greek Town. Highly recommend! Next week we will be heading to Mexican Town as a group and I’m very excited to have a day out with everyone while also learning some history about Southwest Detroit.

My group is heading a trip to the Night Market at Beacon Park. It’ll be interesting planning this trip and digging into how the Market came about. Detroit has so many cool markets, events, and places to see and I’m really enjoying being a part of this great City.

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  1. Aminata, it’s been so fun going on mini adventures with you! Glad that we can all make the most of this experience and take advantage of all that Detroit has to offer.

  2. Hey Aminata! Glad to hear you’re having fun in Detroit with some of our DCERP people! Those super-fast spinny rides are my favorites at carnivals– so glad you got to enjoy one! I’m excited to plan that trip to Beacon Park with you and Jillian. Hope to talk soon!

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