Week 5: Couldn’t think of a title – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5: Couldn’t think of a title

I didn’t have time this week to interview my site director, so I figured I could just update yall on the progress of my project. Since last week I have been working on a map of the DPFLI that includes all the amenities such as our windmill, firepit, rain garden, etc, at the site. My director and I hope that this map can be given to visitors when walking through the site as well as keep a record of what the site looked like this year. In addition to this map, I have been researching the best ways to estimate how much produce we will harvest from our crops this year. We have already been able to harvest raspberries and the blackberries aren’t far behind. I hope that the pantry can make good use of the crops we harvest!

3 thoughts on “Week 5: Couldn’t think of a title”

  1. The map sounds like an interesting project. It’s really cool that something you’re working on might be put to use long after you’re gone.

  2. Hey Olivia! It sounds like your map will be very useful. I’m also super interested in hearing more about how you estimate the amount of produce you will harvest- sounds like a tough job, but I’m sure you got this!

  3. This map sounds very helpful and interesting! Even though a map sounds simple it is very impactful to provide a way for everyone to be able to quickly and easily find the amenities they need. Also I think it is very cool that you are researching how much product will be harvested this year. The Midwest is known for it’s many farms and I always love hearing about the work nearby farms are doing, so can’t wait to hear more about the work you do!

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