Week Six: Belle Isle – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Six: Belle Isle

For our learning groups we split up into five groups. Our groups are Belle Isle, Beacon Park Night Market, the Detroit Institute of Arts, Mexican Town. I am in the group with the Night Market at Beacon Park. This week we went to Belle Isle and took a tour of the Isle lead by other fellows in the program. It was interesting to learn about the history of the Island. A lot of the history has created a really interesting outlook of the beautiful park. Stolen land, war bases, and riots are just some of the sad history that this island holds. Although, this doesn’t erase the past, serves as a place where people can bike, do reunions and weddings, and kayak. We also got to visit the conservatory and aquarium. These places held a lot of beauty and it was nice that they were free to the public. This tour that we got me excited for my own groups tour at Beacon Park. Can’t wait to write about it!


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