Week 6 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 6

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing great. This week at Chandler Park we had the kids sports program and also a fun event on Saturday! Camp went fantastic as always and the kids got to go on their first field trip to a sports arena downtown. Saturday we had an event with a variety of vendors. This event focused on music and art and allowed the community to come together and hear poets, music, and watch dance performances. There was local Detroit food trucks that came, and it was a beautiful day out. The event was successful and we actually tried electronic sign in sheets instead of paper, and it worked out even better than the last event. I love working at Chandler Park and the people I work with are so supportive and encouraging.

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  1. Hey Maddie! It’s great to hear things are still going well for you at Chandler Park! Hope things stay strong these next few weeks!

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