Eighth Week in Detroit: Art and Athletics – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Eighth Week in Detroit: Art and Athletics

This last weekend we finally made it out to the DIA and I had a great time. I spent nearly four hours in the museum and still didn’t see everything. While I had visited the museum on a school trip before, I must have either not seen the Rivera mural or had completely forgotten about it. It’s an incredible mural and was certainly the highlight for me. I thought Mickalene Thomas’s portraits were particularly captivating. The photography showcase featured some pretty powerful works including Merik Goma’s reflection on the pandemic and Dawoud Bey’s Birmingham Project. I also really love French impressionism so getting to see actual paintings by Van Gogh and Monet was super cool.

Later in the week, I got to go with Om to a Tiger’s game as he had gotten free tickets through work. The weather was unexpectedly cooperative, making for a beautiful evening. While the Tigers lost, as is to be expected, the game was exciting down the stretch and the atmosphere in the stadium was electric.

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  1. Keegan, it sounds like you are making awesome use out of your last few weeks in the city! I have been loving the learning group outings. Lisa and I went to the Tigers game on the 25th, and they actually won!! I also loved the energy of the stadium and all of the little traditions like the seventh inning stretch. Super fun.

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