Week 8: Project Ready for Presentation – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8: Project Ready for Presentation

This week, the other intern at my site and I have been working together to ensure that our meditation program proposal is ready for presentation to the Director of the Office of Civil Rights, Inclusion, and Opportunity. This process has been bittersweet: it feels so good to be close to the end of a project that has taken us these past eight weeks but I am also going to miss the people I had the pleasure of working with.

Learning about mediation, how to write an SOP, and the way that a municipal Civil Rights Department operates are all things that I will take away from this experience. I knew very little about city government going into this position and I am excited to say that I am leaving having learned a lot about Detroit’s city government, and more about civil rights enforcement and mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution. This experience has helped me to focus my area of interest for potential careers and has opened my eyes to new possibilities that I did not know were available.

In this last week, I am going to try to drink in every last opportunity for learning that there is and get ready for what I hope will be a successful project presentation.

4 thoughts on “Week 8: Project Ready for Presentation”

  1. Hi Rose!
    I also got to learn a lot more about how city governments function while working at my site, and would have to say that it’s given me a lot of perspective. That’s exciting that you’ve been able to produce a deliverable for your project! I hope your last few days go well!

  2. Hi Rose, I am glad to hear that you are wrapping up things with your site and leaving on a good note. I have learned about Detroit City government as well and understand how intricate it can be. I hope the showcase goes well also!

  3. Hi Rose, I hope the presentation goes super well, I know you’re gonna kill it! It’s been so amazing getting to know you this summer.

  4. Hey Rose! How great that you’ve been exposed to new potential career paths. I know you will crush your presentation- let us know how it goes! 🙂

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