Week 9: Thank You and Farewell! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 9: Thank You and Farewell!

The end is finally here, and I just wanted to thank everyone for such an enjoyable and unique summer! In rereading my first blog post, I can tell how much I’ve grown within these past 9 weeks. I’ve learned what community work can look like and especially the effort that goes into nonprofit work. The people that I’ve met throughout this program have truly shown me what it means to devote your time and energy into meaningful actions, no matter how big or small the effect is. Furthermore, my expectations were certainly met and even more so. Not only were my research capabilities improved throughout these past 9 weeks, but my knowledge and understanding of community based research grew. I’ll take what I had learned about community based research to heart, and I know for a fact that this form of research will drive my future endeavors going forward. Thank you all for such a great summer!

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