Week 6: Twists and Turns – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 6: Twists and Turns

Hello again! I just realized I never undrafted this post, so it’s coming a week late! My apologies!

It has been a busy week for me in DCERP and NSO. This past week has been comprised of so many moving pieces and it feels as though things at nonprofits change every day, after new information comes out or a recent conversation is had, etc. I appreciate working here because every day is definitely something new!

My mind has been spinning with thoughts about the end of the program, both with DCERP and NSO events. The original community closet plan has transformed and now we are using a new location in the building. This has us all thinking creatively about a new setup and organization method, as now the space is much smaller. Moving from a garage space to an office space is a big change, but it seems much more manageable and will be easier able to keep up with after my time with NSO ends. We are also talking a lot about the showcase this week, and I am already imagining the before and after photos on my slideshow and how I have grown in just 2 months. The end is in sight, but these next 3 weeks will definitely be exciting and busy!

The Day of Hope is on July 30th and it is an NSO event that will provide wrap-around resources directly for unhoused people in Detroit. I have learned a lot by sitting in on meetings and listening to all the details of planning this type of event at his magnitude. These details include everything from making sure that transportation is secured, accessible, and properly labeled to pick up the homeless population throughout the city, ensuring that signage is accurate and reflects all donors, and identifying the best ways to include volunteers and split up the work appropriately. I have learned a lot from my project itself, but also listened to my coworkers and mentor work through problems and create relationships with community members, donors, and other organizations. I am looking forward to being a part of the Day of Hope and seeing the fruits of our labor!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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  1. Hi Maggie, I’m so happy your NSO project is coming along and that you get to actually see the impact you’ve played a hand in making at the end of it all!

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