week 7 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

week 7

Gloryvee coming in to speak with us about mindfulness was something that stood out to me. For me, I am someone who doesn’t like to procrastinate & would rather focus on getting things done before I am able to slow down. Her talk reminded me that there is still more to learn in mindfulness and it is not just something to think about for procrastinators. For me, I took away the intention of moving towards a mindset where I don’t feel like everything I have to do is creeping up on me even if it isn’t due for say one or two weeks. One part of her slide deck that I loved was the line “Awareness that some of our feelings & thoughts are not always based on truth/evidence & do not serve us well”. Thinking about utilizing mindfulness as a way to bring yourself back to a logical state where you can think clearly I think is one of the most convincing cases for practicing mindfulness. I also enjoyed her talking about planning methods and I felt renewed confidence in the way I plan/organize using google calendar and notion. I definitely think being in an academic environment can make it hard to get out of the mindset that you need to be productive 24/7, so I think that practicing mindfulness can be one way to distance yourself from that culture.

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  1. Hi Sewa, this guest speaker and her topic was very helpful. I agree that mindfulness is a helpful tool against toxicity that can surround academia.

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