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Week 6

This week, Detroit made headlines across the world by making TIME’s list of the 50 Greatest Places. While this is undeniably an accomplishment, I can’t help but feel that this is simply advancing the narrative that ignores the vast majority of Detroit. As we learned, Detroit’s economic growth has largely been concentrated in 7.2 square […]

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Week 5

One thing that I’ve learned this summer is how much of a difference one person can truly make. Coming into the position, I expected the City of Detroit’s Office of Disability Affairs to be a massive team, considering that Detroit is home to roughly 117,000 residents with disabilities. Instead, I was shocked to learn that,

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Week 4

Although I’ve worked in an office setting before, this is the first time I’ve had a full-time desk job. Coming in, I was nervous that it would live up to the stereotypes of a 9-5 government desk job: dull, monotonous, and scripted. Thankfully, the job has been vastly different. Even though I’ve only met a

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Week 3

One thing that jumped out to me while I was reading How to Kill a City is how involved I am in the gentrification of Detroit. Despite growing up just 30 minutes from the city, I realized while reading the book that, for the most part, I’ve only visited the wealthier 7.2-mile area that the

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Week 1 + Week 2

Hi everyone, my name is Om and I’m working with the City of Detroit’s Department of Civil Rights, Inclusion, and Opportunity. I’m from Troy, MI which is about half an hour outside of Detroit. While I’ve visited the city plenty of times, I feel like I have a superficial understanding of it, and I hope

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