Week 4 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 4

Although I’ve worked in an office setting before, this is the first time I’ve had a full-time desk job. Coming in, I was nervous that it would live up to the stereotypes of a 9-5 government desk job: dull, monotonous, and scripted. Thankfully, the job has been vastly different. Even though I’ve only met a small portion of CRIO so far (Department of Civil Rights, Inclusion, and Opportunity), I feel like I’ve been exposed to new backgrounds and work styles.

The employees at CRIO are extremely diverse in terms of the experiences that have shaped their lives. Because of this large body of employees, I’ve met interns from around the world, graduate degree candidates wrapping up their research, parents of children my age, people who’ve come out of retirement, and everything in between. After being constantly surrounded by people my age at UMich with backgrounds relatively similar to mine, I’ve found this to be a nice change of pace. Usually, the only time I would speak to people so vastly different from me would be in an interview or some other formal-esque meeting. Now, I’ve learned to casually grab lunch with coworkers double my age.

Moreover, I’ve gotten to speak with so many people both in CRIO and outside in a professional capacity that I’ve been exposed to a variety of work styles. Though I’m working in a municipal government job, I’ve collaborated with state policymakers, federal officials, business owners, non-profit workers, and professors. In just a few weeks, I feel like I’ve essentially observed a wide array of careers, providing me with a better understanding of what I want to pursue, and what work cultures I want to seek out.

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  1. Om, it’s so incredible to hear about the diverse group of people you’ve met because of CRIO. It’s always great to get a nice change of pace from our usual environments. Excited to hear more!

  2. Hey Om,
    I love to hear that you are enjoying the work environment and getting to meet new people. I also really enjoy getting to interact with a wide array of people, especially in contrast to U of M where everyone tends to be the same age. I look forward to hearing about more of your experiences and all the work that you are doing.

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