First Day for Spivey – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

First Day for Spivey

My first day at the Sierra Club was unexpectedly exciting and tiring.  Amy (my wonderful co-worker) and I started our day off with a meeting with Nicholas Schroeck, Executive Director of Great Lakes Environmental Law Center and other environmental lawyers and advocates.  The meeting was very interesting and I could see the importance of the meeting.  This meeting was held to address the Petroleum Coke storage near the Detroit River.  Since Marathon’s expansion the Sierra Club, especially my boss Rhonda Anderson, has been swamped with work and environmental issues dealing with Marathon. After this meeting we went to a city council meeting where they brought up this topic to the council members and discussed possible solutions.  This was a very intriguing meeting and it was great to see the community involved and interested in bettering its environment.  As I observe Rhonda and the rest of the Sierra club crew (Patrick, Ahmina), I can see how passionate they are about what they do.  They become extremely excited and serious when discussing environmental issues and the effects of the community. I can easily tell that Sierra Club Detroit is a very humble and hard-working organization looking to truly make a change in the community. I, myself, am very anxious about getting started and working with the community!  I know for a fact I will have a blast working with the Sierra Club and I know I will gain a lot of knowledge on many different topics and become experienced in research.  Ultimately, I hope to make a large impact in the community I will be working in and I hope to leave this summer knowing specifically what I want to pursue in life!

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