First Week Madness – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

First Week Madness

My first week here has felt more like a month than 7 days, but that’s because of all the amazing experiences I have already had.

My program is called The Food and Water Watch and works to protect the essential resources on earth, so that they will be available for this generation and generations to come. At first, I thought this meant that we would simply be working to ensure that the people of Detroit had clean drinking water and that we would work with organic farmers to try to make their food more accesible to people, locally. As it turns out, my project is much more related to my interests in public policy!

My specific project is going to involve me reaching out to Organic and sustainable farmers to provide evidence that the food system has put them at a severe disadvantage when it comes to competing with factory farms. Not only does this give me an opportunity to work in the context of policy, which I’m familiar with and enjoy, but I will also get to understand our agricultural system which is a new experience for me.

From what I can tell so far, I think this project is going to test me in a lot of ways, since this is the first time I’ve worked on survey creation, and the first time my research will actually go towards impacting policy. I’m very anxious to get started!

Below are pictures from my first week’s adventures:20130605-112714.jpg

My bed and room20130605-112721.jpg

Amber’s area20130605-112727.jpg

20130605-112734.jpgAmber getting ready!


Bronx bar! Yummy20130605-112747.jpg



Ferndale Public Library where I had my first Southeast Michigan FWW meeting!20130605-112805.jpg

Keeping it classy, Ferndale20130605-112812.jpg



Ryan Gosling is filming at the Masonic Temple, right next to where I work20130605-112915.jpg



Marching band at the opening of Whole Foods in Detroit20130605-112940.jpg


Protesting Debbie Stabenow’s stance on labeling GMO’s20130605-112951.jpg

The lines were so long20130605-112957.jpg






20130605-144342.jpgApparently this is a Piston? I just thought he looked tall

4 thoughts on “First Week Madness”

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  2. Lisa, It is so great that your project unexpectedly involves what you want to study! It always exciting to find different ways to apply all of your interests. It looks like you have had a busy first week. Thanks for the picture!

  3. I love your pictures. I didn’t know John Sally was at the opening of Wholes Food. The photos add flavor and depth to your post. I love it!!!! XD

  4. Wow, after reading this I feel like I am missing so much around here! I am always in southwest doing work. Rarely get to see the things happening in midtown or downtown. This is great! Keep it up 🙂

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