Focus:HOPE week 4 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Focus:HOPE week 4

This past week was pretty productive in terms of the work I produced. I can proudly say that Ive learned how to use adobe indesign from scratch (with the help of google and many tutorials). Since I can only use the computer that has such software on tuesdays and thursdays, my wednesday and friday have been a little dry in terms of things to do. However, since Focus:HOPE is closed next week, I am going home to chicago and likely working from home. Since being task oriented has never been a strong suit for me, I spent much of wednesday and friday drafting up my workschedule for the week i will be gone.

I have also began reading up more on permaculture and urban farming. Part of Focus:HOPE’s vision for their community is to eliminate blight and beautify the physical appearance of the community, so I believe that urban farming that is efficient and low-maintenance could be an element that is very valuable to Focus:HOPE. As a side project, I plan on using Michigan’s wide range of resources to provide a research report and recommendations for urban farming in terms of how it can fit into physical community beautification.

Besides that, since im (somewhat finished) with creating the physical compilation of previous data, im looking forward to creating an online compilation of all the research for the community to see. I know it may be tedious tailoring all the projects that have been done, but I think it can prove to be very valuable for the community to understand the efforts and outcomes of community research done by focus:hope

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  1. Woah, can you teach me InDesign?! I used it a bit in high school and it is such a great tool. Yay you for gaining really useful skills 🙂

  2. Living pretty close to Focus Hope its cool to hear focus hope is doing great things for the community and you are too. I hope you urban farming works out and we have a community garden! Best of luck

  3. Thats pretty cool, I used around the corned fro focus hope and thats good they are helping the community. Though are you using adobe to like make designs for them??

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